Jen Y(non-registered)
Great pics Jimmy!
Carsten Casteel (Son)(non-registered)
Love all the pics dad, especially the ones of our two beloved pets.
Lacey Casteel Ellis(non-registered)
My dad was named James Casteel and I was looking up some of my relatives. He was one of 10 children in the Casteel family from Missouri. I live in South Carolina.
ron and Janene Terrin(non-registered)
ok...Im only on the tip of your iceberg but what little I have see of your work is totally breathtaking. I want to see some of your fall pics but honestly you really have a gift and your work is amazing.
Kelly Gardner(non-registered)
Wow, Jim, your work is gorgeous!! Will come back to view more and regularly - I agree, the photos are stunning.
Lisa Lai(non-registered)
Your photos are stunning, Jim. Congratulations on the body of work you're sharing with the world here. Just beautiful.
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